Places for Zendesk
Drive leads and customers straight to your business
Increase your walk-ins by sharing your business' physical locations in a way your leads & customers can use.
Places works right where the action happens
Agents will not lose focus or switch context. Places is a message box application - works exactly where the agents need.
Increase walk-ins to your stores
Places can help you increase walk-ins to your stores. More people equals more value!

You are going to love Places ❤️

Agent efficiency
Agents get more productive by having a direct way to access and share your business' physical locations. This minimizes error margin, responds come quicker and full information is always shared!
Works with tons of locations
Integrated quick search can get your agent what they are looking for, instantly. No more searching in long wikis!
Easy setup
Just visit your settings page and quickly add your business' physical locations. You will be up and running in no time!
Bulk import
Save time on setting things up! We support csv upload so you can quickly upload your business' locations.
Friendly support
Need help with something? Our team is super-friendly and a simple nudge away.
Simple pricing
No hidden fees or pricing that scales with your team. A single fixed fee regardless the amount of locations and users. Keep reading!
Try Places for free for 14 days
A low monthly price of $29.99
Places pricing stays low and simple. You can add as many locations when your team grows and the cost will remain the same.
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